Our Story

The Schumacher Family moved to Fitchburg over a decade ago, where Thad quickly realized that there was a disparity in pharmacy care in the Madison area. Several years later, the family opened Fitchburg Family Pharmacy, with the mission of serving the Madison area population with personal attention to individual needs.


The journey to be a truly patient-centered pharmacy has not been without struggles. Within months of opening, a pipe above the pharmacy froze and burst, flooding the entire building. The majority of inventory had to be replaced. But, in keeping with the pharmacy’s mission, we remained open through the crisis, and slowly gained the loyalty of many community members.


In April of 2018, we moved to a larger space up Fish Hatchery Road to accommodate our growing pharmacy and two private rooms for patients to meet with doctors. When the Wisconsin State Journal asked us about the move, Thad told them, “You put people first and put everything else second. And if, at the end of the day, you can pay your bills and keep the lights on, that’s what you do. You have to have an owner that has a passion for what they’re doing and hire other pharmacists who have a passion for what they’re doing.”

facebook_1514827661967We believe that the Madison area faces many barriers to health. So we contribute to reducing these barriers by offering free same-day delivery – often by bicycle – to patients with a lack of transportation access, medication compliance assistance for those who struggle keeping tack of their medicine schedule, and bilingual Spanish translation for Madison Latinx communities. In addition to these key services, the pharmacy regularly raises money for the Fitchburg Public Library and local organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County, where Pharmacist Thad serves on the Board of Directors. We also partner directly with local entrepreneurs and artists through the Progress Center for Black Women to economically empower the community we call home.

We invite you to visit Fitchburg Family Pharmacy and we look forward to meeting you.