No Cost COVID Testing

As of 10/1/22 the State Wisconsin will no longer offer free community PCR testing services.

Our team has partnered with ProPhase Labs and Doctegrity to continue to offer monitored Antigen and PCR tests at no cost to you.

Testing Locations

Fitchburg Family Pharmacy: Weekdays 9-5:30, Saturday 9-12:30 (No Appointment Needed)

To provide these services each person being tested must build a profile with the laboratory’s database. (One Time) 

To complete this profile you will need a copy of your State Issued ID and your medical insurance card.  You will need to take a picture of both of these items front and back, with your smartphone during the registration process. 

Once you have established a profile with the lab you can be tested weekly.

We are happy to provide each person with 2 tests at their visit.  One test will be a monitored antigen test and the other will be a monitored PCR test.

Antigen Test Results – within 30 minutes  – Documentation sent to text/email

PCR Test Results – within 36 hours – Documentation sent to text/email

The line for COVID Tests begins in front of the pharmacy and continues along the curb on High Ridge Trail. Look for the tall flags!