Happy Patients

Today the pharmacist reached out to a pharmaceutical representative on my behalf to obtain a voucher so that I didn’t have to pay $300 on my monthly prescription. He also transferred my prescriptions from other pharmacies and hand-delivered them to my house. You couldn’t ask for better service – the people there care immensely.

Allyson S.

I had a prescription sent in electronically after-hours and planned to pick it up the next morning. But Thad called me to see if I needed it that night and insisted on delivering it – he was at my house within 10 minutes. You won’t find anything close to this kind of service at your retail chain pharmacies.

Daisy C.

I love this delivery service. I was super sick this past week and I took a nap with my baby – woke up to a ring at the door and my meds were there!! I was so happy I didn’t have to take my sick baby and myself out of the house to get our meds!

Jessie S.